10 UNINTENTIONAL Fashion Mistakes Men Make ALL THE TIME!

10 is such a low number because I am 100% sure there's more. Plenty of time to address them.

Gentlemen make sure you avoid these 10 mistakes because I'm sure you've done one of these in your lifetime; Ladies make sure you keep your man in check: 

In no specific order of importance, Mistake number 1: 

1. Mixing a bunch of bright colours together in one outfit.

I'm going to keep this short and sweet, wearing a poppin' blue shirt, an orange vest and a green blazer is as EXTRA as it gets. You look confused. Keep it simple buddy, if you like really bright colours (you know, the ones that are "out there") that's totally fine. But my recommendation would be to match them with one other neutral solid colour to tone it down a bit. Unless you're aiming to look like this: 

2. Everyone needs a red pair of jeans - said no one ever. 
I saw a guy wearing a pair of red skinny jeans, and even though he was feeling himself, nobody else was feeling it. It was just not a decent look. Stick to blue, grey, black denim. Don't venture into red, or green, or purple, or yellow for that matter. 
3. Wearing skinny jeans if you're a bigger dude. 
To each their own, but if your crushing quads everyday at the gym and you were super skinny jeans its not a good look. Your jeans look like leggings. Its important for them to be fitted of course, but not super skinny! 
4. Wearing Baseball Hats, Sideways or Diagonally. 
Don't do that. Front or back. Keep it classic. 
5. Capris or Really Long Shorts 
I might not be sure about what people call them, but you guys know what i'm talking about. Its that article of clothing that doesn't know what it is, "am I pants", "am I shorts", they just went right in the middle. Don't wear those. Ever. The ladies in my DM recommend the shorts that end above the knees. 
6. Pop the collar on your Jackets and Coats, not on your button down. 
It's really that simple, when you pop the collar on the button down, you look like the class clown in high school. Rhyme for emphasis. Moving on.. 
7. Stay away from those pants that have 17 pockets on em, starting from your neck all the way down to your feet. 
You know the ones. You never need that many pockets. If you feel like you do, I'd like to introduce you to an invention called a bag, it carries all your stuff. 
8. Sandals and Socks 
That deadly combo is not allowed, unless you have to take out the trash and Sandals are the only thing by the front door. Or you have to pick up the groceries from the trunk of your car and sandals are the only thing by the front door. 
9. Pants so loose and wide at the bottom you can fit a buffalo in there. 
Seems simple enough, but easily one of the most common mistakes I see gents make. Gentlemen, tailor your pants to be fitted. When its so baggy and loose at the bottom and creases are showing, it will hide the shoes you worked so hard to buy. No one will ever see them. Trust me. If you have to take one tip from this whole thing take this one. 
10. Don't sag your pants.
No one needs to see that. 
Hope you found this helpful, if you did, share this article with someone who does these mistakes, or share with someone to help them avoid these mistakes in the future! 

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