10 Fashion Tips You Should Consider EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Lets Keep This Short and Sweet, Shall We? 

Fashion Tip Number 1: 

Dress based on how you feel, do not dress to impress other people - meaning? 

If you wear something begrudgingly because your best friend said the one you picked was bad, and you feel terrible wearing your friends suggested outfit, then your whole attitude is going to take a downturn, and your whole energy is going to be off. When you wear something you're happy with, you feel confident in it, which is reflected by your energy and your attitude, which makes the outfit 10x nicer. Because you're comfortable in your own shoes. 

Fashion Tip Number 2: 

When dressing formal make sure to keep in mind two things, be classy and be badass. 

Its all about the attitude fam. 

Fashion Tip Number 3:

Make sure you dress well consistently not just on special occasions.


You never know what you'll end up doing that day. But also it leaves an amazing impression on every person you meet. 

Fashion Tip Number 4:

Take casual to the next level.

Even though I'm wearing a tie here, this is still considered casual. Up your casual game, don't just wear a tank top and jean shorts every time. 

Fashion Tip Number 5:

Keep it simple.

You heard the man. Sometimes less is more. Nothing wrong with remaining simple. Especially if you're not that well versed in how to combine certain articles of clothing. 

Fashion Tip Number 6:

Be creative with your suits.

When you hear suits, you think "business, meeting, .." or "business meeting"! among other things of course. But it doesn't have to be this way. You can also keep it fresh and casual by wearing it with a T-shirt and white sneakers.

Fashion Tip Number 7:

When you get bored of your own clothes, dig around in your siblings closet, you may hit the jackpot.

thats about it really. hidden treasures in your siblings closet. 

Fashion Tip Number 8: 

Mix Business with Pleasure. 

Black Tie optional just got a whole lot more interesting. one of my favourite looks of all time. 

Fashion Tip Number 9:

Be a nice and kind individual even when you're dressed like a badass. 

Manners and Style go hand in hand. Always be polite and respectful. 

Fashion Tip Number 10:

White Sneakers are a must have item in every closet. 

If you don't have any go get some. Now. 

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All love! 


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    Perfect tips😍

  • JANA

    Perfect tips😍

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    Perfect tips bro 🖤

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    Bro you’re amazing I love your tips your style everything in you keep it up mashallah 3aleek

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