10 OF THE MOST UNIQUE Mens Outfit Tips Out There!

What makes these mens outfit fashion tips unique is they are underrated and not talked about enough. I'm sure you've had some thoughts about these issues at least once before. Without further ado, give it a read and take notes :) 

Fashion Tip 1: You Can Still Look Great with a Basic T-Shirt 


The most obvious and under-executed and underestimated tip of all time. Simplicity is great. Especially when you do not feel like going all out, or you're just running errands, or you're in a hurry to get ready. Easy to wear, functional, and looks good.  

Fashion Tip 2: SMILE from the Heart. 

Also underestimated and different than the tips you usually hear about, but I swear to you having a genuine smile and carrying that kind of infectious energy around while wearing any outfit will instantly make your outfit look way more attractive, even if its a very simple outfit. 

Fashion Tip 3: So what if no one dresses like you do. 


My point here is it doesn't matter if you're the only one wearing a suit at a casual party. Its important to stick to a dress code when specified but if there's no dress code specified and you feel like wearing something, wear what you want, don't think about what your friend john or mohammad is wearing.  

Fashion Tip 4: Many Different Ways to Wear a Button Down, Don't Stick to One! 


We all stick two ways of wearing button downs, but theres many, this a very cool vintagey way of wearing your button down with a tank underneath and actually showing all of it. Tucked in with only one button did. 

Fashion Tip 5: Sometimes you gotta wear all black 


I don't know what more to say to that. A truly timeless and everlasting combo this one. Different styles of All-Black will be posted on the blog later on! 

Fashion Tip 6: Go Casual with the Top Coat. 


Top coats weren't just meant to be worn with blazers and ties. Even though I like them that way as well. Wear them with a hoodie, go super casual with them. 

Fashion Tip 7: Match your outfit with the location you're going to.


Yep. There's not much more to it than that. 

Fashion Tip 8: Throw it Back to the 90s


I got this look from Season 1 of Friends and adapted to it a bit. 90s style is kinda cool.

Fashion Tip 9: Having a Bad Hair Day? Throw on a Bandana instead of a hat. 


Doing the same thing over and over can feel pretty boring. Switch up your style with one minor change!

Fashion Tip 10: Wear the Right Accessories 


There are different combos of rings you can choose to wear. All available under the highlight segments on my instagram @bigdealkhaleel. 


More fashion tips to come - AND MORE BLOGS to come as well. Let me know what you'd like me to blog about down below. 

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