14 Things Women Hate About Men's Fashion

Important to say that some women may actually like these things - we are just talking majority based on researched collected on my instagram and google research as well. 

AND, this is not to say that men should dress to impress women - you can wear what you want, I am simply the messenger. Without further ado, let's dig in. 

Women HATE: 

When Men Over-Accessorize: 

As a HUGE fan of rings - I like to wear a lot of them, especially since I don't particularly like wearing bracelets or necklaces. You can imagine my disappointment when I learned that most women in general prefer when men wear less jewelry. Keep it simple. 

When MEN wear Super Skinny Jeans: 

So when I posted this segment on my Instagram Story , this by far generated the biggest agreement from women with hundreds of replies saying they agree (none of the replies - to my knowledge - disagreed). So I guess, dudes, you gotta avoid this like the plague if you're tryna impress your lady or a lady. 

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When Men Wear Excessively Ripped or Worn Out Clothing

As a fan of ripped denim, learning this specifically hurt me a bit, but as I read more and more, it literally highlighted the word excessive. 2 rips maybe 3 is fine, but when its all ripped up and looks like you've been attacked by a pack of wolves then thats a no for women. 

When Men Wear Flip Flops 

To a Public place. Public beaches or pools are fine. But flip flops to an outing is a definite no, and as a man I'm inclined to agree, poor fashion choice and kinda reflects badly on ya. If you insist on flashing your toes, opt for Sandals - I own Birkenstocks personally, they are 10x classier than your pool flip flops.

When Dudes Rock Backpacks - Especially the High-School Looking Ones 

Even though the research I did suggested this to be one of the most common, when posed to my Insta fam, it actually generated a lot of mixed reviews - some women think its rather cute, and some think its childish and they prefer leather bags like duffels or briefcases - in other words something a bit more professional.

When Dudes Wear V-Necks 

This was also a resounding YES by women - round necks are preferred 99% of the time. Their explanation is that its really too much or too revealing and round necks just look way better. 

When Dudes Are Lazy - This is Important as Hell 

Sorry for the elusive caption, but this hit home for a lot of women especially ones currently in a committed relationship or were in a committed relationship at some point. They hated when their man never put any effort to what he was wearing and she was spending 2 hours on her hair, 30 minutes getting dressed, 45 minutes on her make up etc. and her man grabbed his worn out sneakers and training pants he wore 4 days in a row. You know the drill. They like a man who actually puts in effort. BUT heres the catch --> 

They DON'T like it When Men TRY TOO HARD to Impress Them With Their Clothes

Meaning they would much rather go for the dude who's rocking a simple yet classy and elegant outfit as opposed to a bunch of colors and gold chains. They don't like that cry for attention. 

When Men Wear Graphic Tees or Logos - 

So this one is interesting - 25% of the women I asked said they think its cute because it reflects on a persons personality like if his shirt says "I Love Bali", you clearly know what to expect. But 75% said they think its childish and prefer plain and simple tees any day - this was confirmed by research I did as well. 

When Men Open Their Button Down - ALL THE WAY

I don't know man, something about ain't nobody tryna see no chest hair, or nipples or whatever, makes sense. Although this sentiment was not shared when the dude is wearing something underneath then its okay. Apparently, women prefer it to be open to the chest being the maximum limit. 

When Men Wear Stained Clothing

Makes sense, I mean coffee stains on white button downs was never sexy nor do I see it becoming a trend in the future, it just screams "yikes" or "tardy" or "lazy" or "dirty" or "he must be having a bad day, he spilled coffee on himself in the car". Women prefer a guy who's clean, organized, and sharp. But then again you already knew that. I hope. 

When Men Wear Dad Sneakers 

I can honestly say reading about this was weird as hell. Because it seems that they were talking about a very specific type of sneaker like the very old New Balances every old man wears, or the super chunky sneakers. Yeezys airforces and all that seems to be acceptable. Although this also generated mixed reviews on my instagram.

When Men Wear Short Shorts

Ain't no woman trying to see no guy wearing booty shorts hahaha. On a serious note, they said short shorts especially the tight one was actually the opposite of sexy. 

Similarly, When Men Wear Long Pants

Especially the baggy ones with the crease at the bottom. Women prefer the slim fit pants that are cropped at the bottom but not too much. 


All this is to say, I am just the messenger. If you genuinely like the way your dress then who cares? If you tweak a few things, great. If you live your life trying to impress women then amazing. Honestly, this was just a fun experiment for me, and I hope that a lot of you actually get something out of it. 

Much Love and Blessings my Brothers and Sisters! 

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