4 REALLY EASY Fashion Tips for When You're Running Late!

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We have all had those days where we snooze the alarm 17 times only to realize we have 10 minutes to shower and get dressed and drink our morning coffee. 10 minutes is not enough time to do all of that. Certainly not enough time if you like to try different articles of clothing on, and spend 15 minutes just putting an outfit together. You're gonna be late to whatever engagement you've got.

To keep this short and sweet, here's what I would do.


Stick to Dark Colours.

Specifically. Navy or Black. Those are shades you can really rock any time of day, and any day of the year. Guaranteed. 


Establish some kind of "uniform":

or as I like to call it, a safety net. It's so useful for the times you're rushed. You already know what you're gonna wear, which is one less thing to be stressed about.  

My go-to is a turtleneck or mock-neck sweater with dress pants and Chelsea boots or a fitted t-shirt with dress pants and white sneakers/dress shoes. I find smart casual to be the best option. 


I'm not gonna be a prick and say set your alarm 30 minutes earlier (even though you should) - Instead I'm going to recommend you wear glasses 🤓 to cover any puffiness - in other words-  hiding the fact that you literally just woke up. Not sunglasses since you will probably have to take them off indoors since you're not Prince or Kanye and should have at least a bit of etiquette. 


Hair. I would sometimes recommend wearing hats, but again, if you're going to work or something and hats aren't allowed, its not gonna work. Instead i recommend washing your hair the night before and doing the styling stuff quickly the next day on the go. This tip is gonna be harder for long hair. So wake up earlier. 


Haha, all love my brothers and sisters, 


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