5 Outfit Ideas For Fall - No Pumpkin Spice Lattes Necessary

Although they would make a great accessory for fall. Anyway, I like to keep it short and sweet. So Here are five outfit ideas for the fall: 

Outfit Idea Number 1: The Airport Outfit. 

The Airport Outfit - Something comfortable, a hoodie to keep you warm especially on the plane when that mini air conditioner blasts you in the face, and most importantly something to keep you hidden and low key. Cause lord knows you don't wanna run into someone you know at the airport. 

Outfit Idea Number 2: Something on The Classier Side. 

You know its funny, in these 5 outfits, you will see me transform so many times. You might even think I'm a completely different human being. But it's me dawg. Its always been me bro. Anyway. A double breasted navy blue striped suit for that light breeze. And wide brim sombrero with bone framed prescription glasses to sprinkle in some classiness. Side note, if you don't need glasses, don't wear them. 

Outfit Idea Number 3: The "I'm Running Errands" Look.

You ever run into someone you barely know while you were buying groceries, and you spend 7 minutes having the most awkward and cringeworthy conversation in history - you know, the one with a lot of awkward head nods. And the ones that end with "yeah dude we should chill sometime" and you're actually thinking i'm never seeing this person in my life. Yes. that one. You can avoid that conversation by wearing something that makes you hard to identify at first and second glance. Yes a baseball cap, a spotted grey hoodie, a denim jacket, sunnies, pleated navy pants, and airforce 1's. Fun fact if you run out of costume ideas on halloween, you can use this look and say "i'm just going as someone who's not me"

Outfit Idea Number 4: The Streetstyle Outfit.

Classic. Sleek. Approved by all young women. The leather jacket, light jeans ripped and cropped and tapered at the bottom, and a white tee tucked in, showing off a rather simple black belt. Oh and white zip up sneakers that are very hard to find nowadays. So sub them for other white sneakers with laces. 

Outfit Idea Number 5: The Joey Tribbiani From Season 1 Kinda Look.

Its in the title ladies and gents. Joey Tribb, Season 1. The turtle neck and vintage jeans. airforce ones and long white socks. I tweaked it a bit by wearing a turtleneck thats a bit more fitted and rolling up the jeans. But the overwhelming majority of DMs I received about this photo was that it resembled Joey Tribb's style in season 1 of Friends. 

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Hope you enjoyed this one folks, share this with that one friend always struggling to pick an outfit! 

And as always your questions, messages and comments are always welcome.  


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