6 Things Women LOVE About Mens Fashion

I found these 6 things to be interesting. I polled around 25K people that watch my stories on instagram, and I did some research on the side and found the following 6 things to be the most common. 

1. Keep it Simple With a Dark Colored FITTED T-Shirt 

Hashtag Dark, Hashtag Fitted. Gives your body some structure, accents the muscular build that you got, or may hide scrawniness. 

2. Fitted Dress Pants/ Chinos NOT Jeans 

3. Prescription Glasses

Make you look smarter than you actually are, gives your face a bit of structure, hides puffiness. Find the right frame for your face. 

4. Own a Good pair of leather shoes: mainly Chelsea Boots/ or white sneakers

5. Own a tailored suit 

Something about fitted suits screams "successful" or "I got my shit together". Women what do you think? 

6. Confidence. 

And you get a lot of women who actually think that your energy will make you way more attractive. 

Ciao for now. 

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