6 TIPS to Make Your Clothes Look MORE Expensive/Sophisticated!

It will take you a maximum of 5 minutes to read this and you'll get so much value. Thats the theme of my blogs! Enjoy! 

Tip 1: Wear Darker Shades

This has been tested and confirmed its crazy, maybe when the clothes are of a darker shade, they just find it harder to differentiate whether something is cheap or expensive! 

Tip 2: Tuck That Sh*t In

The science behind this is simple, tuck in = classy = more sophisticated = perception that something is more expensive. 

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Tip 3: Keep it Simple/Minimal

What I mean by that is, no need for logos, or graphics like flying dragons and butterflies or "i love coffee" or any of that. Keep it plain and simple. 


Tip 4: Iron it and Keep it Fresh

This sweater is ironed to the T it looks more collected than my life. Thats how it should be to give off that sophisticated, attention to detail vibe.

Tip 5: Wear More Accessories

Simple as pie. It will your outfit pop out more. Don't go over board though. I like rings as well, but don't wear 10 rings 5 necklaces and 3 bracelets and a watch is what i'm saying. Anyway, 

Easily The Most Important Tip: Make Sure Its The Right Fit

When everything looks like it has been tailored for you or made for you specifically, it gives off that posh vibe. You look more sophisticated, your body shape pops out more, and you'll look like you spent a bit extra to make it look that way. I always mention this on my instagram and the thousands of people that follow me reveal this is easily one of the most important factors.

Until next time gents. 




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