7 Outfits You Can Put Together in LESS Than 5 Minutes.

You snooze your alarm 10 times, you wake up late, you barely make it out of the shower alive, and you're already late to work/school/university whatever dude. You definitely don't want to take 30 extra minutes to decide what you're going to wear. 

That's why, I took the time to narrow down 8 outfit ideas for when you barely have time to get ready. 

Outfit Number 1: Suit Pants + Basic Slim Fit T-Shirt (Tucked In) + White Low Top Sneakers

Really basic outfit, trendy, looks great, does not look like you woke up like dis. 

Outfit Number 2: Black on Black Outfit for Your Errand Runs 

It is really simple, but trendy. black on black is widely accepted by young adults now, no one thinks you're attending a funeral with this combo. 

Outfit Number 3: Basic White Button Down + Light Cropped Denim + White Sneakers. 

Clean MACHIIIIINE buddy. No need for an explanation. Such a timeless outfit. I give you my full blessing as long as it fits you well. 

Outfit Number 4: The Athletic Guy 

Had to pull out the Air Force 1's : this is a very on-the-go summer look. Really comfy and not sloppy at all. 

Outfit 5: The Dressy Beige Chinos and the Fitted Black T-Shirt 

Classic outfit for any occasion. With the right accessories, you can give it a tiny bit of formality - tucking the shirt in, no rings (unless you're married), and penny loafers. But clearly here I am as casual as ever. 

Outfit 6: Quick Coffee Run on a Cold Day? 


This one is deceiving. Cause it may seem like that layering is time consuming. But honestly this is easy as pie dood. Tshirt + Hoodie + Coat + Dress Pants and Chelseas. Pie baked 🥧 Next. 

Outfit 7: 

I'm kinda sour right now. I miss these pants they recently got ripped. Wool grey pants. Tshirt tucked in. White sneakers with a zipper and a maroon coat to top it all off. 

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