85% OF MEN Make These Mistakes With Their Watches

I found that most men fail to coordinate the watches with the appropriate event, and they mix up a lot of the fine details - continue reading to find out exactly where to wear different watch styles and things you should avoid as well.

Let's Get Started! 

Men Seem to Wear Formal Style Watches to Casual Event - Do This Instead:


Watches of this style or with similar properties should be worn with:


Business Formal Attire

Black Tie or Black Tie Optional Attires

You never wear this style when:

You're going for a hike or any other sport activity for that matter. 

Option 2: The Business Casual/Casual Watch  


As the title suggests, Wear to Business Casual Events or Casual Outings - I wouldn't wear it to formal events. 

Common Mistake:

Matching the color of the leather strap to the leather belt and the leather shoes. 

Its just not necessary anymore especially as a young adult. This is considered to be a very old school of thought. Be a bit more flexible.  

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The Sporty or Active Watch



Wear to Hikes and Sport Activities 


Wear to business events, semi formal attire, or formal attire like wedding suits or tuxedos. 

Bonus: You can wear this with active wear, or something super casual (Not Business Casual) 

Similarly, but with a bit of flexibility: 


Wear with Casual events or Field/Active Wear. 

Look at the texture of the strap - it is more suited for casual events, so don't wear them to formal events or business events. It's out of place. 

The Diver Watch


Suitable for Business Casual, Business Formal, and Smart Casual Attires

Do NOT wear with tuxedo/weddings/black tie

Trends come and go so who knows maybe with the upcoming James Bond film, the diver watch will become even more formal. Let's wait and see. 

The Metal Watch


Wear With:


Business casual

Business formal (Sometimes)

Biggest Mistake:

Mixing Metal with Gold or Rose Gold - Oftentimes you'll find a man wearing a gold watch with a metal ring or vice versa.

Instead: pair metal with metal and pair gold with gold.

Stay Classy Gents, 



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