MANY Different Styles on ONLY ONE SUIT - Casual|Classy|Formal - @bigdealkhaleel

As the title suggests, One Suit - Simple changes made to the suit changing its style; each of these styles are for different occasions and different seasons throughout the year. 

Suit in question: Dark Navy Blue Suit w/ Subtle Black Pattern - the same suit will be used in all of these styles - but minor changes will change your look - as you can see below: 

Style One - Crisp White Sneakers, Black T-Shirt Combo 

Clearly as casual as it gets. Wear to any casual event with friends such as parties, gatherings, or even sipping your morning coffee reading this blog at your favourite cafe. It's classy, elegant and it's casual making it a very useful outfit to keep in your arsenal. 

Style 2: Substitute White Sneakers for Black Oxford Dress Shoes 

This is the cleaner version of the outfit before it. I personally prefer this one as it looks great with the Black T-Shirt. It's a bit more "clean" so to speak, whereas the one before it is a bit more modern. 

Style 3: Casual look for a rainy or breezy fall day. 

You substitute the oxford dress shoes, for black chelsea boots, paired with a grey knit beanie/tuque/hat and some glasses to make people think you're smart. I actually need to wear them but you can pretend. Adding these accessories is sure fire way of looking neat, feeling warmer, and looking modern as well. 

Style 4: "I think casual just got an upgrade" 

So, here you can see me wearing a white korean collar shirt with a suit. not the most common combo, but a really great upgrade of casual suits. feel free to add a pocket square as well! 

Style 5: Aint nothin changed but the level of casual

A more casual approach to the korean collar suit combo; add white sneakers and round thin frame glasses. 

Style 6: Wedding, Engagement, Engagement Party Suit 

You know, people seem to have a problem with the navy and black combo but its actually one of my favourites when it comes to suits. Like look at this guy (me), he looks like a classy mf ready to tear the dance floor to bits. But yeah, anyway... 

Style 7: Business Formal - Switch the Tie Fam 

I am sure you have this combo before: grey or charcoal tie with a navy or black suit. Maybe on your favourite TV shows. Mr. Specter is no stranger to this combo. You mean business. If you aint talkin money, I dont wanna talk. On to the next. 

Style 8: Aint nuthin changed but the weather .. 

It's in the title. Adding a scarf and hat like that to a business suit make you seem a bit more trendy and modern and YOUNG. For colder days fam. Also, added a different pair of glasses to look even smarter. 

Style 9: Aint Nuthin Changed But The Weather (2.0) 

Added a coat and a clean plain black duffle bag to the previous look. This long coat - extending beyond the knees is an old school coat especially with wider collars. But this is easily my favourite (only available for winter unfortunately) - because old school meets trendy in this one. the hat the glasses and the coat is an unreal combo in my opinion - add duffle bag to force yourself to go the gym after work. 

Comment below or message me directly on Instagram, Pinterest with which one is your favourite combo, OR suggestions for future blogs! 

Ciao for now, 


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