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How Your Suit Fits - Seems Simple, Right? How come a lot of people mess up the smallest details?

Your suit should be tailored. If you buy it off the rack then make the necessary adjustments bruh. Let me show you what I mean.

1. Too much space in the shoulder area, or the shoulders are "drooping" 

I can’t begin to explain to you how bad the suit looks when there’s extra space in the shoulder area. Make sure it fits tight and snug. As demonstrated in the image above. 

2. Not tapered enough from the back. 

No suit fits you perfectly especially if it was taken off the rack. Make sure you pay attention to the space between your midsection or obliques and the suit jacket. It should be tapered and snug, otherwise the jacket appears too big. 

3. Sleeves are too long! Fix? Down below.

Make sure your shirt/jacket cuffs are the right length. They should not go over your hand bruh. Never. And another thing is make sure about half an inch of your shirt cuffs are showing from the under the suit jacket not more. not less. Otherwise it looks sloppy. 

4. Sometimes there's space for two arms in the whole sleeve area..

You don't have to be as body builder or have big muscles for this area to look good - it just should not be that loose. It's really that simple. 

5. Length of the pants - Oftentimes they're longer than they should be. 

As shown above, the hem of the trousers should meet the top of your dress shoe or even 2-3 cm higher - avoid that crease at the bottom please. avoid it like the plague. 

6. Baggy pants - The fix? Get a smaller size or tailor to right fit. 

I'm pretty sure that by now you understand, that suits are not exactly the same as other articles of clothing. The fit is everything. And I'm sure you also realized that I've used the words "hug" "snug" and "tight" a lot in this blog. Guess what? Your pants should be all those things too. Especially "tapered at the bottom as well, to avoid hiding your dress shoes. 

Things To Keep in Mind - (Description Below)

7. When wearing a vest, Make sure it doesn't go past the belt or trouser. Similarly the tie should not go past that point either (but more on the tie later). 

8. Not sure you have the right fit? Check your collars. Make sure there is NO Gap between your shirt collar and your blazer's lapels.

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