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Get your timer ready, you'll finish reading in 2 minutes. Mistakes I MADE in Bali with Clothing Number 1: Didn't Wear Enough Linens The heat combined with the humidity can be deadly. Well not deadly but you know what I mean. Linen is a very summer friendly, heat friendly, loose and breathable fabric. And I would highly recommend 95% of what you wear in Bali should be linen. I mean look at how happy I look.  Number 2: Wearing Denim was A HUGE MISTAKE Warning - TMI approaching. Denim is a heavy fabric right? So, with the heat and humidity what happened was I started sweating within 2 minutes of walking in the sun. Fast forward an hour and the...

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3 DAYS IN UBUD | Insta-Worthy Places, Places to Eat, Hotels and Villas, and Activities!

SHORT AND SWEET IS THE RULE MOST Insta-worthy spots in UBUD - Everything related to Views, Nature, Food, and Fun. This is a complete itinerary for UBUD for 3-4 Days! Enjoy 😉  After a very long layover at Doha Airport we arrive at our Hotel in the heart of Ubud, Bali, Indonesia. Its 1 am, and the concierge is sleeping on the couch in the lobby so already you know the service was good. We stayed at a hotel called Ubud Inn Cottages, 4 minute walk from the Monkey Forest! Great segway: First Thing You Gotta Do: Monkey Forest Really big forest but kinda deceiving, we thought we were done within the first 15 minutes but we decided to take...

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