3 DAYS IN UBUD | Insta-Worthy Places, Places to Eat, Hotels and Villas, and Activities!


MOST Insta-worthy spots in UBUD - Everything related to Views, Nature, Food, and Fun.

This is a complete itinerary for UBUD for 3-4 Days! Enjoy ūüėȬ†

After a very long layover at Doha Airport we arrive at our Hotel in the heart of Ubud, Bali, Indonesia. Its 1 am, and the concierge is sleeping on the couch in the lobby so already you know the service was good. We stayed at a hotel called Ubud Inn Cottages, 4 minute walk from the Monkey Forest!

Great segway: First Thing You Gotta Do: Monkey Forest

Really big forest but kinda deceiving, we thought we were done within the first 15 minutes but we decided to take a "wrong turn" and found ourselves in an entirely different part of the monkey forest. Walk around, admire nature and all its goodness and also admire monkeys.


1. Do NOT stare directly at the monkeys or maintain eye contact as they take it as a sign of aggression - I thought this was an exaggeration until my friend nearly got slapped by a monkey (haha, you had to be there).

2. try to avoid carrying around shopping bags or any bags for that matter - monkeys are (apparently) notorious for stealing your stuff. We tried taking a photo with one and staff jumped over and warned us not to open our bags at all next to them.

3. Do not try to feed them or take away anything in their feeding area (even to refeed them) they will act aggressively, aka. joey doesnt share food.

4. Do not pet them at all especially the babies - their mom is protective as hell dawg. They're cute as hell but yeah these are the things to keep in mind.

Second thing: Walking around Ubud Center


Especially at night- it was alive and it was vibrant.

Shop there. There's definitely some cool shops - found a local shop there for shades that was amazing - and they're all relatively cheap - Blood+Bone -cool name too. They ALSO have good quality linens. Best fabric to wear around Bali due to the heat and humidity. And there's at least 10 linen shops on one street so you won't have trouble finding the shops! 

Did someone say FOOD? 

My top picks:

ICIP ICIP - Literally went there for breakfast everyday in Ubud since it was close to the hotel we stayed at. 

  • My favourite was the ICIP Smoothie Bowl by far, and they also have a Tuna Bowl that was delicious.¬†
  • Coffee? ICIP ICIP¬†made a killer latte. Also nothing in this blog is sponsored I simply want you to go there prepared.¬†

Acai Queen - Best Coconut Gelato I had in UBUD.

  • Quite possibly in Bali. They have something called the Brazilian smoothie bowl which was also delicious!¬†

No Mas Bar - My favourite Rooftop Bar - 

  • Made some delicious Chicken Katsu Curry - their lava cake was meh. Music was pretty good and the vibe was on a more chill level as opposed to a rave.¬†

Ibu Rai - Favourite Local Restaurant. 

  • Had the local dish Mie Goreng which was crazy good. Always packed too so that proves how good the food is.¬†

Also quick note: after 7pm a bunch of places on that street ("Jl. Monkey Forest St.") play live music, and it's bumping. Everyone is out and having a good time. 


Campuhan Ridge 

Just a beautiful hike up some grassy fields. Lovely view of vast and seemingly endless forests. Highly recommend this walk in solitude, with a girlfriend or even with your workout partner! If you're all about the gram - I think a drone shot would look cool. MOVING ON! 

Tegalalang Rice Terrace

This would honestly be my favourite even though the one after is a close contender. These fields are just massive and sometimes while you're walking you're cutting it close, 2 inch ledge with ponds on either side - but the adrenaline is pumping and you're just admiring its beauty every second along the way. 

The Bali Swing 


Well the excitement is also accented in the title - its a massive swing with a view of arguably some of the best forests its actually crazy how visually pleasing it is. Even though some people were afraid while on the swing- I found it to be quite relaxing and soothing. 

That should be enough for 3 days, if you're staying for longer continue reading. 

If you have an extra day - do a quick run of some of the hotels in UBUD with great views: 

  • The Udaya Resort and Spa.
  • Wapa de Umi¬†
  • Kamandalu¬†
  • Kayon Jungle Resort
  • Amataria Arya¬†
  • Four Seasons

Maybe even do a round of temples around UBUD.


  • Saraswati Temple
  • Pura¬†Tirta Temple
  • Goa Gajah

I unfortunately did not get a chance to see any of them but my instagram research led me to these places. 

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Cheers, and until next time fam!