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Mistakes I MADE in Bali with Clothing

Number 1: Didn't Wear Enough Linens

  • The heat combined with the humidity can be deadly. Well not deadly but you know what I mean. Linen is a very summer friendly, heat friendly, loose and breathable fabric. And I would highly recommend 95% of what you wear in Bali should be linen. I mean look at how happy I look. 

Number 2: Wearing Denim was A HUGE MISTAKE

  • Warning - TMI approaching. Denim is a heavy fabric right? So, with the heat and humidity what happened was I started sweating within 2 minutes of walking in the sun. Fast forward an hour and the inner fabric rubbing against sweat gave me friction burns on my thighs. Avoid avoid avoid at all costs. LEARN FROM MY MISTAKES. 

Number 3: Wear stuff that contrasts the greenery not stuff that makes you blend in or camouflage. 

    • As a blogger i care about this stuff. But I was too tired to think about the finest details, as a result one full day of shooting (and some of the best locations) was kind of wasted due to my not choosing something that makes me stand out as opposed to blend in. So in this photo, white would have been most appropriate. 
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